A resolute bunch


Often overshadowed by leadership races or upcoming election campaigns, the policy componenent of any convention is an important part of a party’s growth and evolution, and is the backbone of a party’s political direction.  The process is driven by resolutions that are proposed by NDP members across the province through Riding Associations, committees, clubs, councils, etc.

This morning, the convention hall is full of hundreds of delegates who are debating policy resultions.  You probably won’t read about it in the paper, so I thought I’d mention it here!  The proposed resolutions cover a wide range of issues such as dental care, pension reform, making public buildings accessible, free post-secondary education and internal part reform.

Resolutions are presented to the delegates, and then people line up behind “Pro” and “Con” microphones and speak in front of the whole room, expressing their opinion.  In a modern political culture that is often scripted, teleprompted and carefully choreographed, it’s refreshing to be in a room with hundreds of engaged people listening to each other and voting on policy direction!

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