Horwath’s 30 minutes – “It’s Time”

s-andreaEach candidate has a 30 minute slot to put on a ’show’ for the convention delegates.

Watch live: http://convention.ondp.ca/live

Andrea’s show started with nominators (Tyler Downey, Marie Kelly, Peter Kormos, Chris Charlton) who gave short introductions. Now a video is rolling, almost wedding style: photo collages of her youth, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc, with powerful symphonic music playing…

Andrea has entered the room surrounded by samba drummers!


“There’s no place in the world I’d rather be than right here in this room with you”

“Great change that shaped our province, started in rooms like this.  Rooms filled with people like us decided that every child would have an eduction, decided that working people would make a living wage, decided that no one would have to choose between health care for their child and a roof over their head.”
“We all came here because we are all committed to change”
“We’ll put home-made light rail in our cities, and turn Ontario into a North American transit hub”
“We need to invest in child care and make it public”
“Our econonic health and our social health are intertwined”
“The ‘invisible hand’ has never worked. There is no ‘invisible hand’!
“I am a community organiser and the one true measure of an organiser is that she trusts people.  And I do”


  sandra elizabeth smith wrote @

sunday may 16 2010
dear peter kormos
i’m going to fight for a family matter
issue custody austin smith
& his half brother gabbin under
the pnb social development children’s aid
in new brunswick to come to
welland ontario canada with out a cost

  sandra elizabeth smith wrote @

wednesday june 9 2010
dear peter kormos
i going to keep on
fighting for my family matter issue custody battle until i win it
for my oldest nephew jason smith
under the pnb social development children’s aid in new brunswick
my great nephew austin smith
& his half brother gabbin to come to
my oldest nephew on my oldest brothers
side of my family because the mother
lost both of them from the pnb social development children’s aid
and the legal aid & the court house
in welland ontario because they won’t cover it

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