Tabuns’ 30 minutes – “Today’s Leader. Tomorrow’s Premier”

s-peter1Each candidate has a 30 minute slot to put on a ‘show’ for the convention delegates.

Watch live: http://convention.ondp.ca/live

Peter’s show is starting with five nominators, each giving a short speech: Cheri DiNovo, Ravi Joshi, Emily Watkins, Irene Mathesen and Bob Huget.

Slogan on screen:
“We can’t afford to stay hostage to the status quo, looking inward, looking back”
“I want to re-knew, re-build and re-shape our party”
“Ontarians know what the problems are. If we don’t rise to the occasion, our future as a viable party is at risk”
“The new energy economy is passing us by. There is an urgency to catch up”
“I reject the notion that if you support workers then you don’t want environmental progress”
“I want Ontarians to drive greener cars, built in Oshawa, Brampton, Oakville and Windsor. With technology developed in Waterloo and Ottawa.”
“I want cities across Ontario to use more wind energy, which I want produced in urban, rural and northern Ontario, using steel made in Hamilton and Sault Ste Marie.”

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